Aquacide — Water Willow, Algae Control and Lake Muck Removal: Q&A Series


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Water Willow, Algae Control and Lake Muck Removal: Q&A Series

Published by Jamie Markoe on November 06, 2013 0 Comments

Over the next several weeks I will be posting a series of Question & Answers from a recent email correspondence with a customer of ours who is a teacher.  I hope they are helpful to you as well.


Hi, Thomas,

Thank you for such a speedy response. :)

Here are my questions for you (I apologize for the amount and length, but I am a teacher and like to know "why and how" about everything :)):

Question #1- If I get the Cutrine + AquaClear Pellets, will that control the grasses that grow, too,...I think we have water willow...or will we have to spray those with something else?  Those weeds still line our lake at this time. 

A:  No, unfortunately the products you are using, the Cutrine-Plus and the AquaClear Pellets are for control of algae and "muck" or dead vegetation respectively. The only thing that will work for Water Willow are the Aquacide Pellets.  The Aquacide Pellets are a systemic herbicide for killing the roots of broadleaf weeds.

A 10 lb. bag of Aquacide Pellets, aquatic weed killer, will treat a 50 foot x 25 foot area with an average of 4 feet deep, twice.  (We recommend applying one treatment and then if you have continued growth after three weeks, apply the remaining material in the areas with the continued growth.)

Please feel free to email me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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