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Why is it important to control aquatic weeds?

Why is it important to control aquatic weeds?

An abundance reproduction of the aquatic plants in your lake or pond can have harmful effect on its inhabitants. Undesirable aquatic plants disturb the vital balance of nutrients and oxygen in the water body and can wreak havoc on outside activities.

Some of the troubles which comes with neglecting proper aquatic weed control:

It can hamper the recreational activities at the water source such as fishing, water sports, boating in the lakes or maybe swimming. It makes the waterfront look unattractive as it steals away the aesthetic appeal. It makes a good habitat for mosquito breeding and it can also give foul tastes and smell to the water source. Aquatic weeds can hamper water flow across the drainage systems and it can block the drains as well.

Some of our products which can help you deal with aquatic weeds:

Direct treatment with Aquacide Pellets, which are easiest to use and are selective, root killing, systemic herbicide with 2,4-D. Helps in controlling submersed, emersed, and floating weeds broadleaf weeds.

Another option is a Fluridone. Fluridone provides excellent control of many difficult to control weeds. Applied to the entire pond (minimum five acres for lakes) for best results.

Hydrothol Granular with alkylamine endothall, which is also a proven product to effectively eliminate the aquatic weeds.

To remove dead remains of undesired vegetation or muck from your lake or pond, you can use our Aqua Clear Pellets to dissolve organic muck / dead vegetation or Clear Pond Pellets to settle suspended particulates and minerals in the water column.

You can also use the Weed Razer Express which is a lightweight, hand-operated, underwater weed cutting tool for effective Aquatic weed control. can directly enter the water source.

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