Pond-Klear Liquid

Pond-Klear Liquid

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Pond-Klear with flumioxazin is a selective rapid-acting contact herbicide. Control submersed, emersed and floating weeds in slow moving or calm bayous, canals, drainage ditches, lakes, marshes, ponds and reservoirs.

Pond-Klear is most effective when applied early to actively growing weeds in hard water ponds and lakes.

Quickly degrades in water. Weeds that do not come in contact with the herbicide will not be controlled.

Full coverage is essential for successful control.

Great duckweed control

To apply Pond-Klear Liquid:

  • Determine volume of water to treat in acre-ft.
  • Use 1 pint of Pond-Klear per acre-ft. treated water.
  • Dilute with a minimum of 4 gallons of water.
  • Spray uniformly over water surface.


Pond-Klear is functionally equivalent to and a direct substitute for Clipper.


1 pint of Pond-Klear will treat 1.33 to 2.67 acres of surface weeds or .50 to 1.0 acre-ft of underwater weeds.

Application during early morning hours may enhance effectiveness.

Tank mix with Alligare Glyphosate 5.4 or Harvester for enhanced control of floating and emersed weeds.

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