Aquagest Powder

Aquagest Powder

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Aquagest Powder is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, bacterial waste degrader. The bacteria in Aquagest Powder have been selected and tested for the ability to consume common household organic waste. Breaks down and liquefies fats, grease and paper products.

Keeps drains clear.

Bacteria work slowly but surely. Several hours may be required to free slow moving drains. Several days or weeks may be required to improve a slow moving septic system.  Regular use is key to success.  In-place septic systems will benefit from regular use of Aquagest Powder.  Reduces drainfield glazing to increase percolation.

New septic systems will benefit from regular use of Aquagest Powder.  Prevent the accumulation of waste by using Aquagest Powder from the start on your new septic system.  

Aquagest is ideal for restoring the natural action of a septic system which has lost the ability to degrade wastes.  This can result in a significant reduction in the number of pump outs required to maintain your septic system.

Aquagest will:

Digest organic waste from humans, animals and plants.
Clear traps, joints and pipes of grease and fat deposits.
Accelerate the natural decay process.
Provide optimal enzyme activity by pH adjustment.
Reduce odor by eliminating the causes.

To use Aquagest Powder, simply apply directly from the container with the scoop provided. For faster action, presoak with water for 30 minutes and apply. For slow septic tanks, use 1/2 pound for each 500 gallons of septic tank capacity. Pour into toilet nearest septic tank.  Wait 30 minutes and flush.  Repeat weekly for a total of 4 weeks. Continue every other month to maintain system.

One scoop in each drain every other week will keep them clean, free flowing and odor free.  

Other uses include outdoor toilets, motor homes, trailers, boats and compost piles.  

The effectiveness of Aquagest Powder increases with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Above 120 degrees Fahrenheit Aquagest Powder is not effective.  No appreciable activity can be expected below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Aquagest Powder is safe for household use and will not harm plumbing or fixtures.