Aquashade Plus/ Aquashadow Blue

Aquashade Plus/ Aquashadow Blue

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Aquashade Plus Liquid/Aquashadow Blue Pouches with concentrated dyes filters sunlight, inhibits photosynthesis and creates sparkling blue water. Controls submersed weeds and algae in ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodies of water.

Gives water a crisp clear blue color!

Use in spring and early summer before growth begins. Less effective when growth is within 2 feet of water surface. Shallow weeds, algae mats and floating weeds are not affected.

To apply:

Determine the volume of your pond in acre-ft.

For Aquashade Plus Blue Liquid:

Use 50 oz. of Aquashade Plus per 4.0 acre-ft. Pour directly into the water.

For Aquashadow Blue Pouches:

Use 1 Aquashadow Blue water soluble pouch per 1.0 acre-ft of water. Simply toss entire packet into the water. Dyes disperse within several hours by natural water movement.

The entire pond volume should be treated.

Aquashadow Blue Pouches should only be used to color man-made water features such as fountains and ponds.