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Aquashadow Black

Aquashadow Black

Aquashadow black pond colorant is a water soluble de designed for use in lakes, ponds, decorative water features and fish hatcheries. Aquashadow black pond colorant beautifies murky, cloudy or off-colored water with a pleasing, reflective dark tint.





To apply:

Determine the volume of your pond in acre-ft

For Aquashadow Black Liquid:

Use 32 to 64 ounces of Aquashadow black per 4.0 acre-ft. Pour directly into the water.

For Aquashadow Black dry packets:

Use 1 Aquashadow dry packet per 1.0 acre-ft water. Simply toss entire packet into the water. Dyes disperse within several hours by natural water movement.

The entire pond volume should be treated.

Aquashadow black pont colorant will not harm fish, waterfowl, pets or wildlife.