Weed Raker Aquatic Rake

Weed Raker Aquatic Rake

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The Weed Raker is a high strength, lightweight rake with flexible plastic teeth. Hollow, 37" rake bar with 24-8" teeth. Handle adjusts from 5 1/2' to 11' using two 33" snap-in extensions.  Includes 43' of nylon rope. 

Weighs less than 7 lbs.

The spring action of the flexible teeth loosens settled, compacted bottom debris for easy removal. Use the Weed Raker regularly and you will be amazed by the improvement.

Begin early and continue regularly. Roots will be less developed. The amount of debris to be removed will be less substantial. Removing roots prevents weed growth.

Weight hollow head with small stones or sand for a better grip on bottom crud.  Great for removing cut or dead weeds from water or land.