Earthway Shoulder Spreader

Earthway Shoulder Spreader

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The Earthway Shoulder Seeder and Spreader is a comfortable, durable, shoulder adjustable, hand crank spreader. Features a 25lb. capacity, corrosion, tear, and weather- resistant nylon bag equipped with a zippered top for easy filling and closure. Control the speed and spread width by adjusting your crank speed and setting rate.

Easily treat several acres.

The Earthway Shoulder Seeder and Spreader insures uniform results when applying granular products such as Aquathol Super K Granular, Cutrine-Plus Granular, Hydrothol Granular or Sonar Q Granular. Easily managed from a boat.

Will not work with Aquacide Pellets, AquaClear Pellets, or Clear-Pond Pellets.