GreenClean Granular

GreenClean Granular

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GreenClean with sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate is a rapid-acting contact algaecide for control of algae in non-chlorinated swimming areas, water gardens, goldfish & Koi ponds, ornamental waterfalls, bird baths and many other places where algae develops.

Clean the green in goldfish & Koi ponds.

Effects are immediate with bubbling, bleaching and discoloration of the algae.

Control is best achieved when GreenClean is applied before algae becomes well-established. Allow 48 hours between treatments. Sunlight and higher temperatures enhance GreenClean activity.  Skimming off dead algae that rises to the surface will help reduce nutrients in the water.

To apply:

Determine the volume of your pond in gallons. Apply at the rate of 3 - 16 Tablespoons per 1,000 gallons of water.  Hand-broadcast the granules or dissolve in water and spray evenly over water surface.

Piers, ramps, concrete and outdoor furniture will benefit from surface applications to prevent algae, moss, slime mold and the odors produced.  Avoid contact with desirable non-target plants.  Undiluted granules will burn non-target plants.

Do not apply to finished drinking water.  

Water treated with GreenClean has no use restrictions.