IMOX Liquid

IMOX Liquid

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IMOX with imazamox is a selective drawdown pre-emergent and post-emergent systemic herbicide. Controls target submersed, emergent and floating vegetation.

Control is achieved through foliar application to actively growing foliage. Once treated the active weed growth stops.

Initial results in 2 weeks.


Symptoms are visible as quickly as two weeks post treatment. Up to five weeks may be necessary for full control.

Perennial weeds are best treated following full green up in spring, extending throughout the growing season, up to first killing frost in fall.

Use of a spray adjuvant (Cygnet Plus Liquid) is required. This will enhance effectiveness on emergent and floating weeds. If spray is washed off by wave action, control will be reduced.

Effective on most exposed vegetation.


 For control of Cattails and Water Lilies, use 3.2 to 6.4 oz. of IMOX and .5 to 1.0 oz. of Cygnet Plus Liquid. Add water to make 1 gallon of solution and apply with a sprayer. Uniformly wet foliage to point of runoff. 1 gallon of solution will cover 4,000 sq. ft.

Well established perennial weeds such as Cattails and Water Lilies may require a second application in 2 weeks.

For emersed or floating weeds use 16 to 128 oz. of IMOX to treat one surface acre. Dilute with 10 gallons of water and add 5 to 10 oz. of Cygnet Plus Liquid. Coverage varies with type of weed treated and density of growth. Typically 10 gallons of spray solution will cover 1 acre.

For submersed weeds, use 50-500 ppb. Calculate ounces of IMOX = 0.348 x acre-ft. x ppb.

See Water Use Restrictions (Days).