KoiClear Liquid

KoiClear Liquid

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KoiClear Liquid is a blend of environmentally beneficial microorganisms used to restore balance in ornamental Koi and goldfish ponds.  Creates sparkling clear pond water.  Works equally well in natural and man-made ponds.

Sparkling clear Koi pond water.

A safe, natural method to return your Koi pond water to a healthy balance.  Beneficial microorganisms in KoiClear Liquid use nitrogen and phosphorus present in water and bottom sediment to improve water quality.

Increase water clarity, reduce organic buildup and eliminate odors. KoiClear Liquid will consume excess nutrients in the water and bottom sediment.

Quickly and thoroughly consumes fish droppings, excess food and dead weeds. Will not affect live growth.

The microorganisms in KoiClear are confirmed to be a non-pathogenic, non-genetically manipulated, non-harmful species of environmentally beneficial microbes.  These microbes are typically present in all regions of the world and occur naturally in ponds and lakes.

Apply weekly for 4 weeks or until desired water quality is achieved. Monthly maintenance will ensure a continued high level of water quality.

Will not work below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beneficial bacteria.
Natural and safe.
Will not harm liners or filters.
Improve nutrient balance.
Improve water clarity.
Lower ammonia levels.
Safe for fish and plants.

    To apply KoiClear Liquid, determine the volume of your pond in gallons.  Use 1.6 oz. of KoiClear Liquid concentrate per 10,000 gallons of pond water.  

    Or calculate:

    (surface area in sq. ft.) x (average depth in ft.) x (0.0012) 

    To treat a 25 ft. x 10 ft. pond 2 ft. deep:

    (25 ft. x 10 ft.) x (2 ft.) x 0.0012 = 0.60 oz.

    Water treated with KoiClear Liquid has no use restrictions.