Mosquito Briquets

Mosquito Briquets

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Mosquito Briquets are a floating, long lasting, B.t.i. (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) larvicide. Controls mosquito larvae in old tires, rain barrels, still ponds, ditches, gutters, and flower pots. Any area where standing water is present.

Use before they develop into biting adults.

Use Mosquito Briquets anytime during the mosquito season. Apply directly to standing water or in areas where standing water will develop.  Stake or tie in place with string. Unused portions which dry out will start working again when wet. Unused portions remain active indefinitely.

To apply Mosquito Briquets, simply toss them into mosquito breeding areas. Because they float, active material is released at the surface where larvae live. Larvae feed on this material and are killed before they develop into biting adults. Lasts for 30 days when in continuous contact with water. One briquet will cover 100 square feet. Partial briquets can be applied to smaller areas.