Razer Rake

Razer Rake

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The adjustable 36" wide aluminum Razer Rake head has 34 teeth. These teeth are 10% lighter and 20% longer than most rakes and each 4.75" tooth has a chiseled edge for better cutting and digging. The lightweight enameled steel 9' handle comes in 3 snap-together extensions. It includes 2 foam floats and 25' of floating rope.

In cases where physical removal of aquatic weeds is undertaken, longer term control will be achieved by herbicide application. For best results herbicides should be applied after bottom sediment settles and water clears.

The Razer Rake is best-suited for clearing away free-floating aquatic weeds and debris on the surface and digging deep into the bottom to remove stems and roots of submersed weeds.  It is ideal for removing muck on the lake or pond bottom and beach cleanup after a heavy storm.

To use Razer Rake in water, toss from shoreline or dock while holding rope and then draw back with jerking motions. Use without rope while wading.