Sonar Q Granular

Sonar Q Granular

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Sonar Q Granular with fluridone is a systemic herbicide for controlling weeds in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, irrigation canals and drainage ditches. 

Sonar provides excellent control of many difficult to control weeds, while allowing desirable vegetation to remain.

Treat your entire pond.

For ponds (waters less than 10 acres), treat entire pond or a minimum of 5 acres.  For lakes (waters 10 acres or more), treat a minimum of 5 acres.

Treating less than 5 acres or treating narrow strips may not produce satisfactory results due to dilution.

Sonar Q Granular is absorbed by leaves and stems directly from water and by roots from hydrosoil. In susceptible weeds, Sonar Q Granular inhibits carotene production.  Without carotene, chlorophyll is rapidly destroyed by sunlight.  Without chlorophyll the weed dies.

Visible effects in 7 to 10 days.

Initial results show a bleaching at growing tips of the weed. Within 7 to 10 days weeds begin to turn pink then white. Growth is halted and weeds begin to die.  Results occur slowly.  Under optimum conditions, full kill occurs in 30 to 90 days. Sonar Q Granular will not cause oxygen depletion resulting from rapid weed collapse.

For best results, apply Sonar Q Granular in spring and summer during the early stages of growth. Weeds are more easily controlled when treated at this time.  Less material is required and results occur more quickly.  Sonar Q Granular works on susceptible mature plants but will require higher application rates and more time to show the full effect of an application.

Consistent concentrations of Sonar Q Granular need to be maintained in water for up to 45 days following application. Rapid dilution due to water flow will reduce results.  Best results occur in ponds with little or no outflow.

A little goes a long way.

To apply Sonar Q Granular, determine the volume of water to be treated in acre-ft. Use 8 pounds of Sonar Q Granular per 2.0 acre-ft of treated water.  Simply broadcast granules uniformly over water surface in area to be treated.

Use Sonar Q Granular when treating a portion of a large body of water.  This will help maintain a consistent concentration at the treatment site by reducing dilution.

Water in areas treated with Sonar Q Granular should not be used for irrigation for 30 days.


See Water Use Restrictions (Days).