Weed Razer Pro 9" to 62"

with Sharpener
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The Weed Razer Pro has an adjustable head with 4 cutting swath settings from 9" to 62".  This makes it tremendously versatile and perfect for every type of weed.  It is a lightweight, hand operated, underwater weed cutter.  Similar to the Weed Razer however, it is ideal for cutting larger rooted plants like cattails and water lilies. Designed for easy use by a single person. Non-blade parts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Includes a sharpener, 25' of nylon rope, and complete instructions.

Ideal for Cattails & Water Lilies.

To use the Weed Razer Pro, simply toss it the weed bed. Allow a few seconds for the cutter to sink. Draw it back slowly in short jerking motions. Cut weeds will pop to the surface for easy collection. Regular sharpening after each use makes cutting easier. Apply a light oil after each use to help maintain the cutter.

Weed Razer Pro is best suited to weed patches. Do not tow behind a power boat. Replace the blade covers when not in use.