AquaClear Pellets (Muck Reducer)

AquaClear Pellets (Muck Reducer)

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AquaClear Pellets are a blend of environmentally beneficial microorganisms available in both pellet and liquid form. AquaClear Pellets are a safe, natural, effective way to clean up your pond or lakefront and provide a healthy aquatic environment.

Get the muck out!

AquaClear Pellets contain microorganisms which use nitrogen and phosphorous present in water and bottom sediment to improve water clarity, reduce organic buildup and eliminate odors. AquaClear Pellets will consume excess nutrients in bottom sediment.  As nutrient levels drop, balance returns to the water and microbe levels also drop.  Once balance is restored, continue monthly to maintain a high level of water quality.  

The microorganisms in AquaClear Pellets are confirmed to be a non-pathogenic, non-genetically manipulated, non-harmful species of environmentally beneficial microbes.  These microbes are typically present in all regions of the world and occur naturally in ponds and lakes.  

AquaClear Pellets work in water containing high or low levels of oxygen. Optimum results occur in waters with a pH of 6.5 to 8.0 and at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Water in most ponds and lakes fall within these ranges.

Organisms in AquaClear Pellets may consume herbicides. Do not apply in the same physical form at the same time. Allow 3 weeks before or after herbicide application before applying AquaClear Pellets. This does not apply to Cutrine-Plus.

AquaClear will:
Reduce and eliminate black anaerobic soil.
Reduce and eliminate decaying organic matter.
Eliminate odor due to organic buildup.
Increase water clarity improving aesthetics.
Increase water quality.
Ensure good algae balance.
Promote a healthy aquatic environment.

AquaClear will not:
Harm fish, animals, birds, plants or humans.
Control algae blooms.
Limit water uses including swimming, fishing or irrigation.
Work below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Harm fiberglass, aluminum or wood.
Deplete oxygen levels.

Thoroughly and completely consumes dead weeds, fish droppings, waterfowl droppings and other organic material in bottom sediment.  Muck disappears from the bottom of your waterfront!

Begin applying AquaClear Pellets in the spring when the water temperature rises to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

Repeat weekly for 4 weeks or until desired water bottom quality is achieved. Continue monthly to maintain a high level of water quality.  

Use AquaClear Pellets weekly to clean up your lake or pond bottom.  Simply broadcast pellets uniformly over water surface. The pellets sink quickly through the water and settle into the bottom. Water activates the pellets, releasing microorganisms, which begin to grow and quickly consume nearby organic material.

When treating an entire body of water, use 10 lbs. of AquaClear Pellets per acre.  When treating 1/2 or less of an entire body of water, use 20 lbs. of AquaClear Pellets per acre. When using under high stress conditions, such as drought, following heavy rains or during algae blooms, double the amounts show above.

Water in areas treated with AquaClear Pellets has no use restrictions.