Cygnet Plus Liquid

Cygnet Plus Liquid

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Cygnet Plus Liquid with limonene is a non-ionic, water soluble, biodegradable surfactant made from forestry by-products. Increases effectiveness and reduces treatment costs when used with foliar applied liquid herbicides.

Stretch your herbicide dollars.

Eliminates beading resulting in a uniform sheeting action of spray solution over foliage surface. Maximizes contact between spray solution and foliage. Effectively penetrates the waxy coating on leaf surfaces. Helps stick spray solution to foliage. Improved contact, penetration and adhesion results in improved control.

For foliage in air, use 0.5 to 1.0 oz. Cygnet Plus Liquid per gallon of spray solution.  For submersed weeds, use 1.5 to 2.5 oz. Cygnet Plus Liquid per gallon of spray solution.

Use with Cutrine-Plus Liquid, Fluridone Liquid, Flumigard SC Liquid, Harvester Liquid, Imox Liquid, and Sonar AS Liquid.

Water treated with spray solutions containing Cygnet Plus Liquid have no use restrictions other than those of the herbicide or algaecide with which it is used.