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A customer recently contacted us regarding Horsetail control. Below is his question and our response.


We have lots of “Pipe Cleaner” grass also known as Horsetail.  It is in the water and around our burm & beach area. They are long green stems with brown rings about every 6-8 inches around.  They are hollow and I have never seen any flowers or leaves on them.  They are taking over our 1 acre pond.  Do you have any products or recommendations for getting rid of it? Thanks!


Horsetail is one of the few plants that has survived since the dinosaurs!  As you may already know, Horsetail is easy to identify but difficult to control. 

Aqua Neat/Shore-Klear Liquid has moderate affect on Horsetail.  Aqua Neat/Shore-Klear Liquid is systemic and should kill the entire root system.

For best results mix 26 oz. Aqua Neat/Shore-Klear Liquid with enough water to make 1 gallon of solution and top with 2 oz. Cygnet Plus Liquid and spray over weeds late spring when they look like small bare pine trees.  The stems contain large amounts of silica, slightly bruise or crush the stems prior to application to achieve better penetration.  Repeat treatment may be needed to kill the entire root system.

Aqua Neat/Shore-Klear can also be injected into Horsetail early spring by cutting the cone-like top and injecting solution directly into hollow stem.  This option is labor intense but can be very successful.  Repeat treatment will be needed annually for 2-3 years.

A second option is manual removal, by cutting and destroying stems before spores develop.  Persistent removal of the cone-like tops about 3 weeks after they emerge should provide good control.  Annual removal for 3-4 years may be needed.


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