How to Get Rid of Lake Weeds

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How To Get Rid Of Lake Weeds

It is common for all lakes and pond to have a few weeds and algae. These organic materials are even beneficial for the fish and the aquatic ecosystem up to an extent. For instance, fish can feed on the organic material including aquatic weed. But it is important to keep the weed/algae population in control so that it does not limit sunrays or uses up all the dissolved oxygen of the lake. For better weed and aquatic algae control, it is also important to have a proactive approach. Once the population of these undesired species is firmly established, they may not be removed easily. For instance, cattail is an aquatic weed which may grow even when the old ones are cut. Algae may cloud the entire water body when its population is not controlled and be a cause of oxygen deprivation.

Controlling the Lake Weeds

Algae occur in 8 different phyla including green algae (Chlorophyta), blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), golden alga, red algae (Rhodophyta) and brown algae. The two forms of algae may include the string and filamentous forms. Weed control for lakes and ponds may require regular testing, The below-given methods for algae control can be used when the population goes out of hand.

Pond Dyes and Shading

You can use the pond dyes or shade your pond through other ways so that the sunlight does not reach it. Such shading will be detrimental to the growth of algae and their population will decrease. But remember that the use of dyes may also impact the growth of other plants of the lakes.

UV Clarification

The UV clarifiers disperse the UV light that can destroy aquatic weeds. You may use the clarifiers, but not at a gigantic scale and these tools will be inefficient for large lakes. The UV clarifiers do not harm the life of microorganisms wildlife and fish.

Manual Removal

Many algae including Chara and other spring allergies resemble the common plants and hence can be removed by vacuuming, raking, hand pulling, or cutting. you can also drain your pond completely and fill it with fresh water so that it is clean and free of all the weeds and algae.

Algae Herbicides

Certain microbes can break down the algae, are available commercially, and are used for weed control for lakes. You can also use the more popular algae herbicides like Cutrine Plus and Copper Sulphate. Remember that while using the herbicides only half of the lake should be treated at a time, and the dosage of the herbicide should also be correct (as specified in the label of the herbicide).

Emergent Weed Control

Emergent weeds may not be entirely terrestrial or aquatic but may grow in a few inches of water. Loosestrife and cattail are some examples. When they occur as dene colonies, methods including pulling and seasonal cutting may be required. For these weeds, you can use herbicides like Glyphosate and other herbicides that are applied directly to the weed.

Floating Weed Control

Floating weeds include hyacinth, duckweed, lilies, and others are seldom found in deep waters and mostly occur in the shallow lake water. Weeds including lilies have rhizomes, and therefore are to be cut for removal. You can also use herbicides for removing them. The smaller weeds including duckweed can be vacuumed or raked as well. Aeration will promote water movement, and not allow floating weeds to establish.

Submerged Weeds

The upper portion of a submerged weed may float on the surface, while its major part is located beneath the pond water. Water milfoil, hydrilla, and bladderwort are some common submerged weeds. Because these weeds have very soft stems, they can be removed easily by manual methods (including skimming, cutting, raking and pulling). You can also use the herbicides like Sonar to treat the submerged weeds.

The method to choose for controlling with population will depend on the size of the lake, your own location, weed species and the ecological system. Remember to consult an expert lake management service to get the best results.

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