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Aquatic Weed Control: 4 Ways to Kill Bushy Pondweed

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One of the most common submersed lake weeds is Bushy Pondweed. Bushy Pondweed is an annual weed that grows from the pond bottom. It has thread-like narrow leaves ½” long and oppositely arranged, or whorled in groups of 3 on slender sparsely branched stems. Lake weed identification can be made by the microscopic teeth along the leaves edge. Single seeds are found at the leaf base. This water weed can be found growing in depths of 10 feet or more. Bushy Pondweed reproduces from seed and fragmentation (tiny pieces of water weed that re-root). It grows in any pond or...

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Coontail Control: Multiple Options

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Aquatic Weed Control: 5 Chemical options for algae removal

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When algae becomes overabundant it can lower the recreational and aesthetic qualities in a pond or lake.  It can also alter some of the natural pond qualities such as fish habitat.  The following chemical options can be used for pond algae removal. Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (GreenClean) This is a fast-acting algaecide, with results noticeable within several hours in the form of algae discoloration from green to a whitish or cream color.  Its mode of action is oxidation, producing 100 times its volume of oxygen as it eliminates chlorophyll in the immediate application area.  It completely biodegrades into naturally occurring compounds...

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