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Water Buttercup control, 2 good options.

Diquat Harvester Liquid Water Buttercup Water Crowfoot Weed Cutting Weed Raking

Water Buttercup, Water Crowfoot (ranunculus aquatilis), is one perennial weed in the Buttercup family that has 360 different species.  It can be found world-wide in the quiet waters of ponds, in ditches and along the shoreline of lakes and slow moving streams. Water Buttercup is eaten by a variety of waterfowl and fish.  It also provides habitat for aquatic insects. It has 2 distinct types of leaves.  Submersed leaves are alternately attached, fan-shaped with fine thread-like leaves that collapse when removed from the water.  Floating leaves, when present, are flat and have 3-5 scalloped lobes. It has a single flower...

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