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Aquatic Weed Control: 3 Ways To Kill Horned Pondweed

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Horned Pondweed (Zannichellia palustris) is a submersed aquatic weed found in every state in the continental United States. It can be found in shallow freshwater lakes and ponds. Horned Pondweed is a delicate, underwater perennial with branched slender stems that sprout from creeping rhizomes. Long thread-like leaves are smooth edged without teeth. They grow from ½ to 3 inches long and are oppositely arranged or whorled on the stem. Leaves gradually taper to a point at the tip. Tiny banana shaped, slightly curved seeds are flattish in shape and serrated on one side.  They attach to the stem at the...

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Parrot Feather Control

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A customer recently contacted us regarding Parrot Feather control. Below is his question and our response. Question: I have a small fish pond about 20’ x 30’.  I have a weed called “Parrot Feather” that took over the pond which is hard to kill.  I would like to try your product.  Since this product is in a pellet form, will the fish eat it?  Will it harm fish, frogs or crawfish? Can you also tell me what the proper way is to dispose of the stuff removed from the pond, will it propagate on land? Answer: Aquacide Pellets are an...

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3 Ways to Maintain a Spring-Fed Pond Q&A

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Q---I’m considering buying a property with a spring-fed pond.  Before I sign on the dotted line, what kind of maintenance considerations should I be aware of? A---Spring-fed ponds are relatively rare.  Water flows out of spring-fed ponds at all times, not just after heavy rains.  Many people mistakenly think they have spring-fed ponds.   During construction, water gushed into the dug pond area from what was assumed to be instead what they saw was ground water flowing into the hole from veins of water–bearing sand or gravel.  If, however, water is discharged through a spillway, it is indeed a spring-fed pond....

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Lake Weed Killer: Watershield Control

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Here is another recent email question from one of our customers regarding the treatment of Q: I have an approx. 60 yard by 80 yard pond that I would like to clean up.  The past six years I have struggled with  The majority of it is covered with only the center fifteen yard by twenty yard area is not covered yet and actually has not three years.  The gel has not started to form on the vines as of yet.  What I am concerned about is, does the entire pond have to be covered?  If I stand on the bank...

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