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3 Ways to Maintain a Spring-Fed Pond Q&A

Published by Tom Markoe on November 14, 2013 0 Comments

Q---I’m considering buying a property with a spring-fed pond.  Before I sign on the dotted line, what kind of maintenance considerations should I be aware of?

A---Spring-fed ponds are relatively rare.  Water flows out of spring-fed ponds at all times, not just after heavy rains.  Many people mistakenly think they have spring-fed ponds.   During construction, water gushed into the dug pond area from what was assumed to be springs, instead what they saw was ground water flowing into the hole from veins of water–bearing sand or gravel.  If, however, water is continually discharged through a pond's spillway, it is indeed a spring-fed pond.

 The average life of a poorly maintained pond is 25 years.  Without human intervention, new ponds gradually fill with silt and organic matter.  As years pass, the open-water areas shrink, turning into a swamp or cattail bog.  A well-maintained pond can last forever.

 To keep any pond in good shape, it is important to remove trees and brush from the dam area on an ongoing basis.  Evict burrowing creatures like beavers and muskrats to keep water flowing.  Finally, manage excess aquatic vegetation. 

 To manage excess aquatic vegetation, first measure pond size, next identify weed type and finally, determine proper treatment options.  Specific questions can be addressed by emailing us at weeds@KillLakeWeeds.com.

 Most new ponds can be kept healthy by adding natural bacteria (AquaClear Pellets) on a regular basis.  AquaClear Pellets will not kill anything but will strip nutrients and muck from the pond that weeds and algae thrive on.  By reducing the nutrient level, weeds and algae should be kept at bay.

Complete article by Sue Weaver, Hobby Farm Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

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