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Water Willow | Algae Control | Lake Muck Removal: Q&A Series

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Water Willow Control Q&A Series Over the next few weeds I will be posting a series of Questions & Answers from the recent email correspondence from customers. Question #1:   If I get the Cutrine-Plus Liquid and AquaClear Pellets will that control my grasses too?  I think we have Water Willow; do we have to spray with something else Answer #1: Cutrine-Plus Liquid is an excellent option for controlling most varieties of algae including filamentous algae, Chara algae and planktonic algae.  Cutrine-Plus Liquid will not kill lake weeds or pond weeds.  Aquacide Pellets are a systemic option for early spring control when new Water...

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Aquatic Herbicides: An Annual Application Recommendation for Killing Weeds

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Question five in the Q+A Series deals with the recommended timing and annual schedule of aquatic weed control products for killing weeds, algae control, and a lake muck removal application.  Keep in mind each individual case is different.  Many situations will only call for one or possibly two of these applications, or possibly something all together separate from these three. Question #5- What would be my application schedule for this?  When do we begin?  How often? When do we stop?  In other words, what could I put on my yearly calendar to remind me to do this each year?  (Feel free to refer back to...

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