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Cabomba / Carolina Fanwort Control

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A customer recently contacted us regarding lake weed & algae control. Below is his question and our response. Question: Hi, For years I have been waiting for you to include Cabomba or Carolina Fanwort in your printed catalog so I could show my fellow pond residents that particular species is recognized invasive up here in MA.   I have one neighbor in particular who claims the weed has been in the pond her whole life so she thinks it belongs here.  She does not accept that it is a non native species that was introduced many years ago.  I need you...

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Aquatic Weed Control: Rid your beach of Invasive Fanwort (cabomba)

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An invasive aquatic plant known as fanwort is an exotic beautiful plant that poses significant threats to inland lakes. Fanwort is native to South America, it is a popular aquarium plant and is thought to have been brought to the United States through the aquarium trade.  It’s identified by intricate fan shaped leaves and white-pink floating flowers.  It is a highly aggressive and invasive plant that can rapidly force out native aquatic plants and readily form monocultures in depths up to 3 feet.  It is unknown how it spreads. There is one active ingredient know to be effective called furidone.  The...

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