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How to Remove Lake Weeds and Maintain a Beautiful Pond

How To Get Rid Of Pond Weeds lake weed control Lake Weed Identification

The growth of algae and weed among other and desirable plant vegetation is common in the ponds having stationary water. When this happens, the pond water starts to resemble green pea soup. The weeds and algae consume the nutrients and oxygen of the pond and deprive the fish/aquatic animals of the vitals thereby killing them. Thick vegetation is also detrimental for human activities including swimming and boating among others. The foul and stale smell is another drawback of the growth of weed and algae. It has been found that when the population of weed covers a pond surface area of...

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Aquatic Weed Control: 4 Fish Safe Pondweed Treatment Tips

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() is a water weed found throughout the world with an estimated 90 species.  Leaves are submersed, typically thin and translucent.  Some varieties have floating leaves on the water surface.  They grow in water depths 1-10 feet and can tolerate low light.  Strong roots anchor the weeds into sediment.  in the fall from (buds) on the lake or pond bottom.  These young weeds remain alive under the ice all winter.  Early summer, Pondweed begins to grow and flowers appear like clusters of beads.  Some of these bead clusters spike above the water surface.  These spikes release pollen that other weeds. ...

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Q & A - Suggest a treatment for Milfoil Control.

Aquacide Pellets Lake Weed Identification Milfoil Milfoil Control

A customer recently contacted us regarding weed control. Below is the question and our response. Question: We have Milfoil and a weed that grows from the bottom and gets 5-6 feet tall, and just the top of it sticks out of the water. What do you suggest? CM, Middlebury, VT Answer: Aquacide Pellets are a systemic option for Milfoil control. Aquacide Pellets can be used for spot treatment or treatment of an entire pond. For best results, apply early spring as new growth begins to appear at the rate of 10 lbs. per 4,000 sq. ft. (100’ x 40’). Normally...

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Pond Weed Analysis - On-Site-Service

How to Clean a Pond lake weed identification pond weed control pond weed identification

A customer recently contacted us regarding on-site examination and how to clean a pond. Below is the question and our response. Question: I am wondering if you offer a service to come and look at our neighborhood pond. This will be the second year in a row we are getting hit hard with weeds and we would like to know how to control them. We are less than 10 minutes from White Bear. Thanks. NN, Centerville, MN Answer: Aquacide Company is a mail-order company designed for do-it yourselfers. Even though our representatives would love to do on-site examinations, we simply do...

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Aquatic Herbicides Effectiveness Improve with these 3 Analysis Tips

Lake Weed Identification Lake Weeds Pond Weeds Weed ID

Lake Weed Analysis

Proper Analysis of your lake weeds will ensure you purchase the correct product to control and kill the weeds most efficiently.  Here are 3 ways you can accurately identify your weed (s)

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