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Pond Weed Analysis

A customer recently contacted us regarding on-site examination and how to clean a pond. Below is the question and our response.


I am wondering if you offer a service to come and look at our neighborhood pond. This will be the second year in a row we are getting hit hard with weeds and we would like to know how to control them. We are less than 10 minutes from White Bear. Thanks.

NN, Centerville, MN


Aquacide Company is a mail-order company designed for do-it yourselfers. Even though our representatives would love to do on-site examinations, we simply do not have the manpower. On-site examinations can also be costly and our goal is to save you money.

We would be happy to identify a weed sample.  E-mail a close-up digital weed photo to us at: Weeds@KillLakeWeeds.com

Or place a clean damp sample in a zip-lock baggie and bring them or mail them to us at:

Aquacide Company
1627 9th Street
White Bear Lake MN 55110

We will examine your photos or samples free of charge, respond with identification and recommend the best option for control.

To help you determine the proper application rate of the recommended product, the length, width and maximum depth of your treatment area is also needed.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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“ It works great!".

- Donna B.


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  • Jamie on

    Weedtrine-D Liquid is a fast-acting contact option for Duckweed control that can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire pond. Repeat treatment is normally needed to make good contact with all the small particles. 5 gallons of Weedtrine-D Liquid will treat 1/2 acre one time

    Sonar Liquid is a systemic option that must be applied to the entire pond and cannot be used for spot treatment. For best results, apply early spring as small particles begin to appear. A 1/2 acre pond with a maximum 6’ depth would require 16 oz. Sonar Liquid per treatment. Normally one 3-part application is all you need.

  • Betty Salois on

    We are about to buy a home with a pond, and it’s nearly covered over with what I think is duckweed. How do I treat it and when. It looks like about half an acre, no idea hoe deep.

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