How to Cleanup a Watermeal Filled Pond

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A customer recently contacted us regarding weed control. Below is the question and our response.


I have a bad Watermeal problem. Herbicides and/or copper products are not working. I will have to assume that I have a bacterial issue that I need to address? I believe the pond is roughly 7-10 years old, appears to be fully stocked (had a very minimal fish kill from the copper product). It is about ½ acre and I would estimate an average 6 feet in depth with a maximum depth of 18-10 at one end near the dam. What would you recommend to begin cleaning this up?

TC, Bunker Hill, IL


As you may already know, Watermeal is difficult to control. Copper-based products are excellent for algae will not affect Watermeal.

Normally, Watermeal will flourish in an older, calm pond with a high nutrient content. AquaClear Pellets are comprised of natural bacteria that will reduce the nutrient level in the pond. By reducing the nutrient level with this beneficial bacteria the amount of new growth should be significantly reduced.

Begin Watermeal control with a treatment of Fluridoneis a systemic aquatic herbicide that must be applied to the entire pond and cannot be used for spot treatment. When used according to label directions, Sonar will not harm any aquatic life including fish.

For best results, apply Fluridone at the required rate, early spring as new particles begin to appear. Your ½ acre pond with a maximum 20’ depth is 5-acre feet and would require 32 oz. Sonar Liquid. Mix 10.5 oz. with enough water to spray evenly over the pond surface.  Wait 14 days and repeat treatment with a second 10.5 oz.  mixed with water.  Finally 14 days later, apply the final 10.5 oz. Sonar Liquid, mixed with water. Normally, one 3-part treatment is all you need.  Consistent concentration at the treatment site will insure maximum results.

Three weeks after the final treatment of Fluridone, begin weekly applications of AquaClear Pellets. Your ½ acre pond would require 10 lbs. AquaClear Pellets per treatment. For best results, apply weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks or until desired water quality is achieved.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly. 

 Review for AquaClear Pellets

As always, the AquaClear pellets work fantastic and customer service is excellent. Very quick delivery as well!

- James R.

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