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Lake Weed Control: 6 Ways to Remove Coontail aka Hornwort

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COONTAIL   Coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum, also called Hornwort) are rootless, submersed, perennial lake weeds that often form dense colonies.  Leaves are stiff, whorled with many forks and have small teeth along one edge of the fork.  Coontail gets its name from the physical resemblance to a raccoon’s tail.  Email a digital photo to for proper lake or pond weed identification. Lake weeds, including Coontail, provide habitat for many micro and macro invertebrates.  This invertebrate is food for fish, ducks, reptiles and other aquatic wildlife however it can become very thick and require a weed control regime that we will discuss...

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Parrot Feather Control

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A customer recently contacted us regarding Parrot Feather control. Below is his question and our response. Question: I have a small fish pond about 20’ x 30’.  I have a weed called “Parrot Feather” that took over the pond which is hard to kill.  I would like to try your product.  Since this product is in a pellet form, will the fish eat it?  Will it harm fish, frogs or crawfish? Can you also tell me what the proper way is to dispose of the stuff removed from the pond, will it propagate on land? Answer: Aquacide Pellets are an...

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