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Parrot Feather Control

Published by Tom Markoe on November 14, 2013 0 Comments

A customer recently contacted us regarding Parrot Feather control. Below is his question and our response.


I have a small fish pond about 20’ x 30’.  I have a weed called “Parrot Feather” that took over the pond which is hard to kill.  I would like to try your product.  Since this product is in a pellet form, will the fish eat it?  Will it harm fish, frogs or crawfish? Can you also tell me what the proper way is to dispose of the stuff removed from the pond, will it propagate on land?


Aquacide Pellets are an excellent systemic option for Parrot Feather control.  Aquacide Pellets will kill the entire weed root system and all.  A 20’ x 30’ pond is 600 sq. ft. and would require 2 lbs. of Aquacide Pellets per treatment.  For best results, apply early season when new weeds begin to appear and are actively growing.  Repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application if weeds show signs of recovery.   Initial effects will occur within 7-10 days, full control may take up to 5 weeks.

When applied according to label directions, Aquacide Pellets will not harm, fish, frogs or crawfish. 

If you do physically remove aquatic vegetation do not leave fragments in pond or on the beach as damp fragments will re-root in water or moist areas.  Haul all aquatic vegetation far from lakefront to a dry area.  Dry fragments make excellent organic garden mulch that can be turned into soil or placed on surface to discourage terrestrial weed growth in your garden.

If there is an excessive amount of "muck" or dead vegetationat the bottom of the lake or pond, which can sometimes occur in settings that are conducive to the parrot feather growth, you can use AquaClear Pellets in conjunction with the Aquacide Pellets to help clear the sediment from the treatment site.  If you decide to use the AquaClear Pellets, they can counteract the Aquacide so we recommend waiting three weeks after treating the parrot feather before switching to weekly applications of the AquaClear.

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