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Water Flow Affects on Pond Muck and Aquatic Herbicide Treatments

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A customer recently contacted us regarding algae, pond muck & weed control. Below is the question and our response. Question: I have an old pond that has been unattended for years. It is between 1 and 1.5 acres with reed grass/grass family and algae. I am removing some of the pond muck and mud and creating sharper walls. My question is that this pond has a small spring –fed stream flowing in and out. How does the flowing water affect the treatment for weeds and pond muck / mud? DB, Winston-Salem, NC Answer: Flowing water may help to reduce the nutrient...

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AquaClear Pellets to Rid the "Muck" from the Pond

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A customer recently contacted us regarding reducing the large amount of muck in his pond. Below is his question and our response. Question: Hi…we have a 1/8 acre pond, about 5-6 feet deep on average, clean and swimmable but with about a foot of organic muck/sludge on the bottom (from 20 years of leaves, and other organic matter largely).  What would you recommend as a starting dose, and how long do you think it would take before we see results.  We were considering having the bottom dredged, but do you think your product could get as clean or nearly as...

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Aquatic Weed Control: Beware of Blue-Green Algae!

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Hot weather prompted the DNR to warn lake goers about the potential dangers of blue-green algae. While it is not uncommon to see algae blooms in the lake area in late summer, recent hot weather has prompted a warning.  Blue-green algae tends to show up in small, shallow, mucky ponds.  It looks exactly like its name; “blue-green” scum that resembles pea soup or spilled paint on the water surface.  It also has a strong, unpleasant, swampy odor.  It can erupt suddenly and be deadly. Ninety-nine percent of green algae are harmless; a nuisance and ugly, but harmless and not ALL...

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Thousands of Fish Die as Heat Rises & Algae Blooms

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While many people jump in the lake to keep cool, living life underwater isn’t always enough to protect fish from the heat. Many people throughout the US have noticed fish struggling at the water surface and washing up onto their shore.  This is due to the heat wave that has hovered over the Midwest over the past few weeks. Fish kills are actually common and do happen every summer, its part of the natural cycle.  Oxygen levels have reached an all time low.  Low oxygen levels combined with high water temperatures cause fish kills that sometimes have people convinced their...

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Lake Weed Killer: Watershield Control

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Here is another recent email question from one of our customers regarding the treatment of Q: I have an approx. 60 yard by 80 yard pond that I would like to clean up.  The past six years I have struggled with  The majority of it is covered with only the center fifteen yard by twenty yard area is not covered yet and actually has not three years.  The gel has not started to form on the vines as of yet.  What I am concerned about is, does the entire pond have to be covered?  If I stand on the bank...

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