Water Flow Affects on Pond Muck and Aquatic Herbicide Treatments

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Reed Grass

A customer recently contacted us regarding algae, pond muck & weed control. Below is the question and our response.


I have an old pond that has been unattended for years. It is between 1 and 1.5 acres with reed grass/grass family and algae. I am removing some of the pond muck and mud and creating sharper walls. My question is that this pond has a small spring –fed stream flowing in and out. How does the flowing water affect the treatment for weeds and pond muck / mud?

DB, Winston-Salem, NC


Flowing water may help to reduce the nutrient level and amount of algae in your pond by constant water exchange. Flowing water will also dilute any algaecide or herbicide in the pond reducing the product concentration in the treatment area. This reduction in concentration will reduce overall effectiveness and repeat treatment may be needed to achieve complete control.

AquaClear Pellets are a natural, beneficial bacteria, excellent for reduction of organic mud / pond muck. Weekly treatment is recommended for complete pond muck removal.

Cutrine-Plus Algaecide is a fast-acting contact option for most varieties of algae. Applying a granular rather than a liquid may give better overall control in flowing water.  Again, repeat treatment may be needed for good algae control.

Shore-Klear Liquid is a systemic aquatic herbicide option for most weeds with 50% or more of the foliage above the water surface, including Reed Grass.  Spray the solution mid-summer when the weeds are in full bloom.  A minimum of 3 hours contact time is needed for best results. Water flow will not affect the overall results of Shore-Klear Liquid.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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