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How to Cleanup a Watermeal Filled Pond

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A customer recently contacted us regarding weed control. Below is the question and our response. Question: I have a bad Watermeal problem. Herbicides and/or copper products are not working. I will have to assume that I have a bacterial issue that I need to address? I believe the pond is roughly 7-10 years old, appears to be fully stocked (had a very minimal fish kill from the copper product). It is about ½ acre and I would estimate an average 6 feet in depth with a maximum depth of 18-10 at one end near the dam. What would you recommend to...

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Duckweed Control: 2 Methods of Control

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Duckweed and Watermeal are free floating pond weeds that are found in wetlands and nutrient rich stagnant water. They are often mistaken for algae. Pond weed identification can be done by recognizing its small, round floating “frond” or leaf. Duckweed frond has hanging roots and is roughly the diameter of a pencil eraser. Watermeal has no roots and looks like floating grass seed about the size of a pin-head. Duckweed and Watermeal reproduce by budding on the margin or base of the frond. Each frond can only do this a limited number of times before dying. Both survive freezing and...

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