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Aquatic Weed Control: Native Vs Invasive Phragmite

Glyphosate Phragmites Reed Grass Shore Klear Liquid

What is a Phragmite?  Though it sounds like an exotic insect or rare incurable disease, Phragmite, is commonly known as Reed Grass.  Invasive Phragmites arrived in the 1800s from ballast on ships that arrived from Europe.  This ballast contained sediment and seeds or rhizome fragments that were frequently dumped along the shoreline.  Phragmite is a large, coarse perennial grass that can grow up to 15 feet tall.  The leaves are 2-2.5 inches wide and 8-15 inches long that alternate on the stem.  Phragmites have a distinctive seed head with feathery plumes at the stalk end which appear mid-summer and last...

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