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Eel Grass Eel Grass Control Tape Grass Tape Grass Control Wild Celery Wild Celery Control

Eel Grass, Tape Grass and Wild Celery are three different names for the same plant. It has proven to be a very difficult plant to control. We have a solution called Harpoon. It is not labeled for control of Eel Grass, but works well and does a better job than anything else we have tried. The Harpoon is only available by phone.  Please call 1-800-328-9350 to order.  A 2.5 gallon jug will cover roughly 5,000 square feet twice for $219.  It is best to apply 1.25 gallons Harpoon with six gallons of water and about eight ounces of a surfactant Cygnet Plus and then repeat...

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