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Lake Weed Killer: Watershield Control

Published by Jamie Markoe on November 06, 2013 0 Comments

Here is another recent email question from one of our customers regarding the treatment of watershield.

Q: I have an approx. 60 yard by 80 yard pond that I would like to clean up.  The past six years I have struggled with watershield.  The majority of it is covered with watershield, only the center fifteen yard by twenty yard area is not covered yet and actually has not advanced for the past three years.  The gel has not started to form on the vines as of yet.  What I am concerned about is, does the entire pond have to be covered?  If I stand on the bank and scatter the Aquacide Pellets, will that scatter far enough and be sufficient around the pond?  I know it will not hit all of the covered area.  Does that matter if I scatter the entire 50# bag around a ten to twelve foot band of watershield around this pond?  Would it affect the remainder of the watershield farther out?  Suggestions needed.

A: The watershield typically will only grow in the shallow waters, so the deeper area, regardless of what you do, will likely remain watershield free. 

Early in the season the Aquacide Pellets will be a great option for getting rid of the watershield.  It typically takes a heavier application due to the larger root system and the "mucky" bottom.  We recommend 10 lbs. over a 50' x 50' area with an average of 4' deep. 

Eventually, the watershield will get a gel-like substance on the underside of the foliage as well as along the stem mid-season, at which point the Aquacide Pellets will not be as effective.  At that point spraying the watershield with the Shore Klear and Cygnet Plus combination will be a better option for treatment.

Both treatment options are systemic and will kill the entire root system on the watershield.  You may need a second treatment two to three weeks after the first if you miss any spots on the original application.

Often customers will also use the AquaClear Pellets in these types of settings because they will help dissolve the "muck" and dead vegetation that has built up at the bottom.  If you can get rid of most of that sediment, the watershield will be less likely to grow as prevalent in the future.

Please feel free to email me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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