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Aquatic Weed Control: 4 Ways to Kill Bushy Pondweed

Published by Jamie Markoe on January 21, 2014 0 Comments

One of the most common submersed lake weeds is Bushy Pondweed. Bushy Pondweed is an annual weed that grows from the pond bottom. It has thread-like narrow leaves ½” long and oppositely arranged, or whorled in groups of 3 on slender sparsely branched stems. Lake weed identification can be made by the microscopic teeth along the leaves edge. Single seeds are found at the leaf base. This water weed can be found growing in depths of 10 feet or more.

Bushy Pondweed reproduces from seed and fragmentation (tiny pieces of water weed that re-root). It grows in any pond or lake but prefers water with high mineral content (hard water).

Bushy Pondweed is a primary food for waterfowl and turtles, Grass carp love it!  It also provides shelter for small animals and fish. However, an abundance of dense mats will reduce boat traffic, water recreation and block water flow in ditches and irrigation canals.

Control options:

1)  Weed raking and cutting with a Water Weed Rake or Weed Razer is one option but weeds will re-establish from fragments.

2) Harvester, Aquathol Super K Granular, Hydrothol Granular and Fluridone Liquid will all affect Bushy Pondweed.

Bushy Pondweed seeds imbedded in the lake or pond bottom may sprout after herbicide treatment. Repeat treatment of your lake weeds may be needed to make good contact with all the foliage.

3) Grass carp will consume Bushy Pondweed. A one acre pond would require 7-15 grass carp and may take up to one year to see results.

4) Pond dye (AquaShade and Aquashadow) will limit the amount of weed growth by reducing sunlight penetration.

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