Q & A - How Do I Apply Aquatic Herbicides?

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A customer recently contacted us regarding weeds. Below is the question and our response.


I have purchased a 10 lb. bag of Aquacide Pellets. How do I apply this in the lake? Throw it? Take a boat out? How?

LS, Andover, MN


First of all, thank you for your recent purchase of Aquacide Pellets. We appreciate your business!

Aquacide Pellets are the size of small marbles and too large for mechanical spreaders. Have no fear! Simply take a handful of Aquacide Pellets at a time and throw them into your lake using a fanning motion, similar to hand spreading grass seed on your lawn.

One 10 lb. bag of Aquacide Pellets will treat 4,000 sq. ft. (100’ x 40’) of most submersed weeds or 2,500 sq. ft. (100’ x 25’) of most established perennials or emersed aquatic weeds.

If you are unable to reach the entire treatment area from shoreline, a boat may be needed.

Treatment made early spring, as new weeds begin to sprout, will show signs of change within 2 weeks.  Full control may take 4 weeks. Mid-season treatment will take longer to see change.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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“ Works great as stated, thanks so much!!!!!"

- Gary H.

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