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Water Willow Control Q&A Series

Water Willow Control

Over the next few weeds I will be posting a series of Questions & Answers from the recent email correspondence from customers.

Question #1:  

If I get the Cutrine-Plus Liquid and AquaClear Pellets will that control my grasses too?  I think we have Water Willow; do we have to spray with something else

Answer #1:

Cutrine-Plus Liquid is an excellent option for controlling most varieties of algae including filamentous algae, Chara algae and planktonic algae.  Cutrine-Plus Liquid will not kill lake weeds or pond weeds

Aquacide Pellets are a systemic option for early spring control when new Water Willow begins to actively grow.  Repeat treatment may be needed to kill the entire root.   Aquacide Pellets will work for any other type of broadleaf lake weeds as well.

 Shore-Klear Liquid is a second systemic option best applied mid-season when most foliage is well above the water surface. 

 AquaClear Pellets are a great option for early spring prior to growth or mid to late season after using other product options.  AquaClear Pellets will not kill anything but will strip muck from the area that can encourage lake weed growth.


Read what our customers have to say about our products:

Review for AquaClear Liquid

“Works great as stated, thanks so much!!!!!"

- Gary H.



Hope this helps!

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