Aquatic Herbicides: An Annual Application Recommendation for Killing Weeds

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Aquatic Herbicides

Question five in the Q+A Series deals with the recommended timing and annual schedule of aquatic weed control products for killing weeds, algae control, and a lake muck removal application.  Keep in mind each individual case is different.  Many situations will only call for one or possibly two of these applications, or possibly something all together separate from these three.

Question #5- What would be my application schedule for this?  When do we begin?  How often? When do we stop?  In other words, what could I put on my yearly calendar to remind me to do this each year?  (Feel free to refer back to questions 1-4 if need be.)

Application timing can vary depending on where the application is to occur.  Typically you will want to wait until spring.  We are in Minnesota where spring obviously comes a fair time later (than for you in Florida, Louisiana or California for example), so we typically focus on water temperature as a gage.  Generally speaking, growth will usually start around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Again, noticeable active growth is the key. 

I would recommend starting at that point with the Aquacide Pellets (if you plan on treating the Water Willow).  Again, it may take one treatment but often times you may see spots of continued growth after the first application.  When you start to notice some of the weeds dying, give it a week and if you still have green active growth in certain spots, we recommend giving those areas a second application.

Three weeks after the final treatment of the Aquacide application for killing weeds, you can switch to weekly applications of the AquaClear Pellets for "muck".  Continue using the AquaClear Pellets until the "muck" and dead vegetation are completely dissolved, or until you are happy with the level of degradation accomplished. (If you do not plan on using the Aquacide Pellets for the Water Willow, you can start with the AquaClear Pellets as soon as the water temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Cutrine-Plus can be applied in conjunction with either of the pellets without any negative effects.  However, algae growth tends to occur later in the season, so again, wait until you have noticeable active algae blooms before applying an algaecide. Please feel free to email me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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