Aquatic Weed Control: It’s March and Bladderwort is Back!

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Bladderwort is a free floating pond weed that lacks a root system but does have a yellow flower on an erect stem above the water.   Submersed leaves are whorled with 4-10 lateral leaves that fork often giving them a very delicate capillary appearance.  This mesh of lacy flexible foliage is littered with small black, brown or green dots (bladders). These hundreds of small digestion sacs trap and digest small aquatic creatures for nutrients.

Bladderwort is an aquatic carnivorous pond weed whose diet consists of insects and other small organisms.  When prey touches the weed, a bladder expands, sucks in the insect which is then dissolved within the bladder.

Bladderwort is often found in quiet, shallow, acidic fresh water ponds and lakes up to a 6’ depth.

There are many ways on "how to clean a pond".  (See our upcoming blog May 13th.)

Changing acidity and nutrient level of the pond can kill Bladderwort.  Carnivorous weeds usually thrive in high acid environments with low calcium and phosphorus levels (soft water).

Three - E.P.A. approved chemicals for safe treatment of Bladderwort are:

2,4-D (Aquacide Pellets) Recommended because you can spot treat & they will kill the root.

Diquat (Harvester Liquid)

Fluridone Liquid

One common problem in using aquatic herbicides is determining area and/or volume of the pond to be treated.  Please contact us to assist you with these determinations.

Bladderwort can also be removed by raking and hand pulling from the pond’s surface. This is very effective when removing small patches.  Bladderwort reproduces from fragmentation.  Efforts to physically remove large areas of Bladderwort may cause fragmentation and increase infestation.

Grass Carp will consume Bladderwort.  Stocking rates range from 7 to 15 per surface acre. Young Grass Carp do not eat much so do not expect results the first year.

Please feel free to email me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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