Milfoil Control and Aquatic Herbicides Safety

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Milfoil control
A customer recently contacted us regarding the control of Milfoil, Parrot Feather and Water Primrose.  Below is his question and a response.

Q:  Hi, I need to know if this product is going to be harmful to the fish, frogs, turtles, ducks and other wildlife in and around my lake prior to purchase and use.  I read the FAQ but it says nothing except to read the label before use which would require me to purchase it first.  To be sure, we would be using the product best suited for the treatment of  Milfoil, Parrot Feather and Water Primrose

Thank you for your time.

A:  The Aquacide Pellets are registered federally with the E.P.A. and is safe for all wildlife. There are no swimming restrictions on the product either.  Keep in mind a state permit may be required for application.  State permits can be obtained through your local county extension, Department of Natural Resources or your equivalent.

We have all product labels on our website under the Downloads section for your convenience.

We recommend using 10-lbs. of Aquacide Pellets over a 4,000 square foot area with an average of 4 feet deep.  They are systemic so they will kill the root system on all broadleaf weeds.  Milfoil, Parrot Feather and Water Primrose are all considered broadleaf weeds.

Please feel free to email me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.


Read what our customers have to say about our products:

Review for Aquacide Pellets

“This product works really well with the type of weeds we have."

- Jennifer R.


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