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Q & A - Is There a Product To Use During Drawdown?

Published by Jamie Markoe on December 27, 2013 0 Comments

Fall Pond

A customer recently contacted us regarding Fall maintenance. Below is the question and our response.


We are repairing our dam over the winter and our lake has been lowered 13 feet. In the past I have used Aquacide Pellets for the weed issue. Is there another product I could use while the lake is down that would work even better.

RW, Smithfield, RI


Thank you for your past orders of Aquacide Pellets. We appreciate your business.

Most aquatic weed control products available on the market either kill the foliage they touch (contact) or are absorbed into weeds as they grow (systemic). Weeds must be actively growing for either option to work. In the Fall, foliage may be present but dormant (not growing). Most weeds reproduce from buds (turons) and seeds. Buds and seeds sit dormant all winter and begin to sprout when the water warms in the Spring. Killing visible foliage in the Fall will cause foliage to brown, however may not affect the buds or seeds. The change of season and a drop in temperature will cause foliage to brown without chemical control.

We are unaware of a pre-emergent product registered for use in lakes and ponds.

The best option for Fall maintenance is physical removal with a Weed Razer and/or Water Weed Rake. Weed cutting and weed raking will reduce the amount of foliage and potentially reduce the amount of buds and seeds. Reduction in the amount of foliage will reduce the amount of decaying vegetation, which in turn will reduce the nutrient level. By reducing the nutrient level, the amount of new growth in the Spring will be significantly reduced.

AquaClear Pellets are a natural, beneficial bacteria that will also reduce the nutrient level.  For best results, apply weekly when the water temperature is 40 degrees or warmer until desired water quality is achieved.

Please feel free to e-mail me or post questions you may have and I will respond accordingly.

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