Aquatic Weed Control: 2 Chemicals What Will Kill American Lotus

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American LotusAmerican Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) is commonly known as duck acorn or water nut. American Lotus is a perennial weed that have floating circular leaves 1-3 feet wide, with stems attached to the center of the leaf underside. Young weeds float flat on the water surface, mature leaves rise above the water surface. American Lotus is similar in appearance to Water Lilies, but without a slit in the leaf. It has a solitary large pale yellow 20 petal flower with a cone-shaped seed pod in the flower center similar in appearance to a

American Lotus will reproduce from seed and rhizomes. These seeds and rhizomes are eaten by most wildlife.

Physical removal is difficult because new weeds will aggressively sprout from rhizome fragments left behind.

Control methods:

1)  Pellets are a systemic option that is best applied early spring as new growth begins to appear. Well-established perennials will require a heavier dose of 10 per 2,500 sq. .  Repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application may be needed to kill the entire root system.

 2)  Aqua Neat Liquid and Shore-Klear Liquid are a second systemic option best applied mid-season when all the weeds are above the water surface and in full bloom. Again, repeat treatment 3-5 weeks after the first application may be needed to kill the entire root system.

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