Aquatic Weed Control: 2 Ways to Kill False Loosestrife

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False LoosestrifeFalse Loosestrife (Ludwigia palustris) is a perennial commonly found throughout the Upper Midwest along the muddy shores of freshwater streams, rivers and ponds. It has lance-shaped leaves ½ to 2-½” long, both floating and submersed.  Leaves can be alternate or oppositely attached with smooth toothless edges that taper at the tip.  Roots form in the stem joints.  It has a small inconspicuous 4-sided flower in the leaf axils that bloom in August through September.

False Loosestrife reproduces from seed.

Control methods:

1)  Physical removal.  Easily pulled by weed raking or cutting with Water Weed Rake, Weed Raker or Weed Razer. To reduce reproduction, remove weeds prior to seed.

2)  Aquacide Pellets are a good systemic control option, especially when applied early, prior to seed. Best applied early spring as new growth begins to appear. Aquacide Pellets can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire pond.

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    Aquacide Pellets will control a large variety of weeds root and all. To confirm best product to use, take a closeup photo of your weed and email it to me at Upon receipt I will examine and confirm weed type and best control option.

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    Aquathol Super K Granular is registered for sale and legal in California. Thank you for your interest in our products, our 2014 bulletin is on its way!

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    is this product Aquathol legal in California
    Also would like a product catalogue. Thanks

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    What aquacide pellet would you recommend?

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