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Aquatic Weed Control: 4 Ways to Kill Chara

Published by Jamie Markoe on February 03, 2014 0 Comments

CharaChara (Starwort or skunkweed) is a light green form of algae.  It has around 6 spike-like branches whorled around each node.

Chara is often confused for Coontail, a rooted weed. It has no flower, stays submersed and never rises above the water surface. Mid-season, as it matures, Chara will have a crunchy or gritty texture due to calcium carbonate deposits on the leaves. When crushed, Chara has a musty odor.

Chara will keep bottom sediment from erosion. It is important fish habitat and food for small aquatic animals, ducks, trout, bluegills and bass.

It grows rapidly and can easily take over a small pond. Rapid growth will reduce fish habitat, eliminate water recreation and clog water irrigation intakes. It will also reduce the overall appearance of the a pond.

4 weed control methods:

1)  Easily pulled by weed raking with a Water Weed Rake or Weed Razer. Chara will reestablish from spores and fragments.

2)  Aquashade or Aquashadow are two inert dyes or colorants. When either is applied early spring, prior to growth, they will limit sunlight penetration and suppress new growth.

3)  Cutrine-Plus Granular is a fast-acting algae control option. It can be spread by hand in a fanning motion or with a small hand-held spreader. For best results, apply early spring as new Chara begins to appear. One early spring application may last an entire season. Mid-season, mature Chara, may require two or more treatments.

4)  AquaClear Pellets are a natural, beneficial bacteria that will not kill Chara but will strip nutrients from the pond that Chara thrive on.  By reducing the nutrient level, the amount of new growth should be significantly reduced.  For best results, apply when water temperature reaches 40 degrees.  Spread AquaClear Pellets, at the rate of 10 lbs. per 1/2 acre, weekly until desired water quality is achieved.

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