How Can I Get Rid Of Lake Weeds in my Pond

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Get Rid of Lake Weeds

Many of us believe in maintaining a natural essence in our surroundings. To bring nature close to us these days many people are constructing artificial ponds in their backyard. In case you are having one at your place and If you have experienced dirt and garbage in your pond, or the fishes in your pond are showing a different behavior, it can be because of the growth of weed in your pond.

Before we go deep into the discussion as how we can get rid of weeds in pond, it’s important to understand what exactly pond weed is.

These are basically typical Bodies found on water and display diverse varieties of plants that also includes weed which remains submerged.  You need to discover the weeds which are growing in between the water plants for early treatment. The moment you find that weeds are growing fast and covered almost 25% of your water surface, then that indicates it will start interfering in the reproduction system of fishes.  It will also produce some extremely bad smell making it difficult for you to go near the pond. The over growth of weeds which suck up all the oxygen present in the water, leading to death of the fish. Early you take action, better will be the chance to clear of the weeds and save the fishes and water-life of the pond.

There are many ways in which your pond can get weed infestation. Lake Weed is dangerous for the aquatic life and it can also make your aquatic space look ugly.  For Lake Weed Removal you can use the following methods and get the beauty of your pond intact. So scroll down and check out:

  • The best method of Lake Weed Removal is the setting up of aeration system. In this process you can add more oxygen to your pond. It helps in improving the quality of water and offers a healthy living space to your aquatic plants and animals. Bu eliminating the pollution inside the pond, the aeration system improves the quality of life in the pond.
  • You can also create a natural system in your pond. It contributes to healthy and self-cleaning environment in your pond and it is a natural process of Lake Weed Removal.
  • Keep a close eye on your pond and take care of the infestation right from the start. Clear the trash, garbage, dead fishes and any other waste from inside your pond.
  • Using a benthic barrier is another easy thing that you can do to keep your pond free from the lake weed. With this method you can save your pond in a natural way because this is a chemical free method. This is a safe way of preserving life in your pond and you don’t have to harm the aquatic life in this way.
  • Make sure to choose the herbicide with care. Identify the infestation and select the herbicide accordingly. You should also apply the aquatic herbicide in the areas where the particular infestation breaks out.
  • Use the filtration method to keep the waste out of the pond. Install the filters and give your aquatic plants and animals a chance to breathe in fresh and clean environment. Filtration can control the lake weed and give a better place for your fishes to live.

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