How to Control Pondweeds

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Pond Weed Control

Ponds are known to be important hotspots for maintaining the biodiversity in the ecosystem. Ponds also support varieties of species, and few among them are scarce species, which need to be maintained with care to avoid misbalance in the ecosystem.  Besides being the house of aquatic species, ponds are also popular for housing a wonderful terrestrial wildlife. Ponds act as the source of drinking water in the dry weather, and also provide insect as well as plant-based food.  Keeping this fact in mind these days many are showing interest in construction of artificial or natural pond close to their habitat to stay close to nature.

Pondweeds are common to see in the ponds and that needs serious attention. If timely removal of the pondweeds is not done it can cause serious issues and lead to foul smell and death of water species existing in the pond. So what exactly are these Pondweeds?

Well, Pondweed belongs to the type Potamogenton and it includes more than 80 species of aquatic plants. It can be of different size and can appear different according to the type of water source where it is fount. To describe pondweed with its appearance is quite tough because of its various features and qualities. There are many of them that are found beneath the water and some of them are partially merged inside the water. They are of many different sizes and they offer as a major source of food to the ecosystem in your pond. Because of its attractive look, it can be an ornamental plant to your pond. It balances the oxygen inside the pond so it is an effective plant, however when it is grown out of control, it can be dangerous to the ecosystem of your pond and it becomes important to take measures for Pondweed Control.  

It is possible to practice Pondweed Control. With the methods mentioned here in this article you can control the growth of pondweed. The first thing you should do is prevent outgrowth of pondweed. Using other methodologies is also a solution, however if you can keep the pondweed in control there is nothing as good as this. Keep your pond clean and while you plant pondweed, use planters or containers so that the roots of the pondweed are in control. If you have a small pond you can manually control its growth. However if your pond is large you can do Pondweed Control with the process of releasing grass carp in your pond. The grass carp will feed on the submerged parts of the pondweed and help in controlling its growth.

If you are unable to control it, you should use herbicides. The aquatic herbicides can kill the overgrown pondweed and help you get a healthier ecosystem inside your pond. Make sure to read the instructions and cautions on the label before you use it. Some of the herbicides come with special instructions, so follow the instructions and avoid the toxic herbicides. Use proper measurement while using herbicides and use the one which is apt for your pond.

Hope the above discussion is sufficient enough to give you a view as how you can control pondweeds in your pond.  Help of professional experts can be taken to treat the pondweeds in case you find it difficult to it on your own.


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