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Eurasian Milfoil In Squaw Lake Michigan

Published by Tom Markoe on November 14, 2013 0 Comments

Once a clean lake in the 1980s, Squaw Lake in Oxford Township is slowly being taken over by Eurasian Milfoil.  Thick beds of Eurasian Milfoil now blanket most of the lake bottom. The lake is shrinking because the shore is thick with weed growth.  Squaw Lake was once used for water skiing and swimming, kids don’t swim there anymore.

Eurasian Milfoil spread from boat propellers chopping fragments and raking it free and dumping fragments back into the water.  Eurasian Milfoil has the ability to root from fragmentation so new  colonies developed from just one small stem.

Mechanical harvesting does not work effectively on this exotic weed.  The best, long-lasting option for Eurasian Milfoil is application of a systemic herbicide.  Systemic herbicides will kill the entire weed root system and all.  2,4-D (Aquacide Pellets) is a systemic option that can be used by home owners for spot treatment.  This option would clean their beachfront allowing homeowners to swim and fish off their shoreline once again.

Contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to obtain the required permit for herbicide application. The specific area to contact is Water Resources Division's Aquatic Nuisance Control 517-241-1554.

For the full article see Oakland Lakefront “Weedy Nuisance” p. 26-31 by Kevin Elliott October 2012

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