Eurasian Milfoil: Safe Treatment Options

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Eurasian Milfoil Control

A customer recently contacted us regarding Eurasian Milfoil control. Below is his question and our response.


We live in Washington and have a Eurasian Milfoil problem in the summer that interferes with swimming.  Looking for something that would control or destroy it without harming wildlife and people.  We have been hit pretty hard in the past few years and are presently using weevils to control this weed.  It is a slow process and may never take care of our problem.  There must be chemicals that could be used for spot treatment that take care of any further growth.  Could you email with cost and availability of such a product.  Thank you.


Eurasian Milfoil originated in Europe and Asia and made its way to the Eastern United States the better part of a century ago. From the 1940's to the 1970's, it made its way West via animals and waterfowl, as well as motorized boat via the propellers and trailers, among other transports as well. By the late 60's and early 70's, Eurasian Milfoil had made its way all the way to the West Coast states.

Aquatic weevils are a biological method of control that prefer Eurasian Milfoil over native Milfoil.  The aquatic weevil population does increase annually but it does take time to see results.

Aquacide Pellets are a systemic chemical control designed to sink and be absorbed by actively growing weeds.  For best results, apply early spring as new weeds begin to appear at the rate of 10 lbs. per 4,000 sq. ft. (100’ x 40’).  The key is to watch for new weeds, do not apply prior to weed growth or when weeds are dormant.  Water temperature is not crucial.  Normally, one early spring application is all you need.

Aquacide Pellets can be used for spot treatment or treatment of the entire body of water.

When used according to label directions, it is safe for both wildlife and people.  Kids and pets can swim the same day as application.

You can also water your grass immediately after application, but do not water vegetable and flower gardens or newly planted shrubs and trees for 21 days.

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